June 27, 2008

Square, Level, Plum

Cory checking the walls...for square, level & plum.

Mom's Flowers

I love to visit my parents yard and learn from my Mom about all of her plants.
Flowers of Lily of the Valley plants
Row of Lily of the Valley
Forget Me Nots

These beautiful perennials are my type of flowers...low maintenance.

June 26, 2008

Carpenters Wife

I have been lucky enough to work full days with Cory the past couple of weeks as we have the kids in a dayhome. I'm really enjoying learning and being a part of our new home!
I am carrying a 2 x 6 pony wall in the above photo...who would have thought!

June 25, 2008

June 23, 2008

Setting Floor Joists

Cory amazes me at work...it's a bit scary to see him walking on a wall, but I know he knows what he's doing. Gives me a greater appreciation for what he does for his 'day job' and explains why when I would call him on his cell during the day, that he may be a bit short at times...when he's standing two stories up on a 6" wall!
Setting second floor joists at the new house.

June 22, 2008

Pretty Ears

Scarlett decided (with a little nudge from Mommy) that she'd like her ears pierced. Here she is pre-pierced.
So, when we were in Minot we went to Clairs to have it done...the very same store that I got my ears pierced.
Sitting in the chair like such a brave big girl!
The girls did both sides at once and to our amazement, Scarlett didn't even cry.
She looks beautiful with her new 'purple' earings!

Trip to Minot

We made our first trip as a family-of-4 (we usually go with other family members) to Minot, ND for the weekend. There's such great shopping there for a short hour & a half drive. As soon as we hit the city, we go directly to Starbucks for a long-awaited drink.
The kids love Starbucks tooThen we proceeded to Target...they always have great stuff there!
Target toy section...who could pass that up?
And we had time to catch the Kung Fu Panda movie.
We had a great family trip!

June 19, 2008

Great Neighbours

We are so delighted to be living across the street from Mr. & Mrs. Neff, they are wonderful neighbours! Mrs. Neff has brought treats by the jobsite a few times now...as you can see above by her delicious cheese buns (which are still warm when she brings them over)...they are so good!
They have also volunteered to mow our grassy boulevards and always have time to stop and say 'HI'. I look forward to our house complete so we can repay the neighbourly favors someday.

Prospect Avenue

This was the street I used to live on when I grew up in Oxbow.

June 18, 2008

Shannons Visit

Cory's oldest friend Shannon Nenka came to visit us in Oxbow...he was our first visitor since our move. It was great to have Shannon stay with us, the kids love him, he helped out with the house (and sang me tunes as we worked in the basement together), brought us 'Hello' videos from the Allan family and was knowledgable about our camper/stereo problems.

Shannon assisted with 'line-in' of the main floor walls.

He also moved some of the second floor joists into position with Cory.
We are excited for your next visit to Oxbow Shannon!

June 17, 2008


This beast of a machine is older that I am, but does the work of 2 full-time workers. That's why we decided to purchase a forklift for our company, with it's first job being our home. Cory travelled to Denver, Colorado to search for this machine and it arrived safely soon after.

My First Camera...I

Ace was playing at Gramma & Grampas the other day and came across this old camera...I think it was the first camera I used as a kid!

June 15, 2008

Fathers Day 2008

Daddy with the kiddos on Fathers Day (he doesn't look too awake yet).

Happy Fathers Day to a wonderful Dad!

June 14, 2008


Lobsterfest in Oxbow is alway a big event. We attended with our friends the Irwins & the Gies'...it was a great night.
Cory I. showing us the guts of the full-sized lobsters.
Curt & Cory tearing them apart...they were delicious
Payton hangin' with Cory
The drinks were flowin' that night
And the dancin'...here's Christy with Todd who wanted to dance with everyone and would not take 'NO' for an answer.
Todd N. cuttin' a rug.