September 20, 2008

Little Winter Cottage

We knew living in our camper was getting a bit chilly, so we bought a piece of property with a little house on it in Oxbow, I call it our Little Winter Cottage.
It's 600 sq ft, three times the size of our camper, has two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room & kitchen.  It's quite cozy and will suit us just fine till we complete the new house and are ready to move in.

My most favorite part of the house...the red door
I was excited to be able to decorate the house for fall
The kids enjoying their bathtub (the camper only had a shower)
In our little bathroom
Our kitchen with borrowed table & chairs from the Avery family (all our chairs were buried in storage).  Before we moved into this little house, I took the opportunity to paint a few walls with optional paint colors for our new house...this color made the cut, it's called 'jalapeno pepper' by Benjamin Moore
The living room was painted using a brown from our last house, I like it even better now that I see it
We have a large yard, 150ft x 250ft and plan to do a future condo development after we move out

September 15, 2008

Ace's First Day of Pre-K

Ace on his first day of Pre-K in Oxbow
Happy about his new Power Ranger lunch kit
And excited to meet his new friends...he loved his first day!

September 13, 2008

Movie & Popcorn Night

One of our favorite things to do as a night!
The addition of smarties to the kids' popcorn was an idea from this great show...they loved it!

September 12, 2008

Star Wars Birthday Party for Ace

Happy 4th Birthday to Jedi Ace
with a Star Wars party...since he's such a fan
He loved this blow-up light sabre found at Party America
(along with all other decorations)
Scarlett liked it too
Rich, Ace & Papa showing off their Star Wars tattoos
Darth Vader pinjata
Mommys tattoo

Star Wars cake
the good guys
the bad guys
Waiting for cake
Daddy helped with the present opening this year
We had a great little party dispite the fact that we live in a camper, the weather held out and everyone enjoyed the evening.

September 09, 2008

Ace's 4th Birthday

Ace turning 4 years old was the first birthday we have celebrated for our family since moving to Sask.  Nana baked her specialty birthday cake: angel food with seven-minute icing and sprinkles.
Ace felt so happy and loved as we celebrated at Nana & Papas
Ace is very smilie these days...I guess that comes from being a photographer's child

Like any parent says, it's hard to believe how fast 4 years has flown by...all the more reason to enjoy every day with your children.

September 07, 2008

Great trip to Alberta

We had a great trip to Alberta...complete with 11 stops at Starbucks!
The kids on the drive home...they are excellent travellers
Our final Starbucks-stop in Regina...can you tell how happy I am?
Goodbye Earl Grey Tea Misto...until next time

September 06, 2008

Visit with Cory's Grandparents

This is how you're greeted when you go to Cory's Grandparents house...I just had to take a photo of this yummy breakfast that we had at their house.
The kids enjoyed a mini photo shoot with Gramma & Grampa Nash

Then we showed them photos of the construction of our new home
Ace did a little woodworking in Grampas shop
They spoiled us with a great supper...pork cutlets, yum!
and lemon meringue pie!

It was so wonderful to have an afternoon to visit and catch up...we left with full tummies too!