September 20, 2008

Little Winter Cottage

We knew living in our camper was getting a bit chilly, so we bought a piece of property with a little house on it in Oxbow, I call it our Little Winter Cottage.
It's 600 sq ft, three times the size of our camper, has two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room & kitchen.  It's quite cozy and will suit us just fine till we complete the new house and are ready to move in.

My most favorite part of the house...the red door
I was excited to be able to decorate the house for fall
The kids enjoying their bathtub (the camper only had a shower)
In our little bathroom
Our kitchen with borrowed table & chairs from the Avery family (all our chairs were buried in storage).  Before we moved into this little house, I took the opportunity to paint a few walls with optional paint colors for our new house...this color made the cut, it's called 'jalapeno pepper' by Benjamin Moore
The living room was painted using a brown from our last house, I like it even better now that I see it
We have a large yard, 150ft x 250ft and plan to do a future condo development after we move out

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