May 31, 2009

Project 365 5.31

Alberta Trip Day 7
We started off with a trip to the Penhold Fire Department with Gramma & Grampa.

Followed by a ride in the fire truck.

Then it was time to say goodbye after a great stay.

Thanks for having us!
We hopped on the QE2 Highway to Calgary.
There's my good little travellers.

We met up with the Chibry family to see the movie 'UP'.

Kaeden sporting his 3D shades.

We stayed over at the Chibrys home (aka: Chateau Mercer).
And a trip to Calgary isn't complete until you have a Crave cupcake.
Tried the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing...yum!
Ace's icing.
Scarlett's's called the princess, I think.
Chocolate, chocolate.
And some new flavors to & coconut.
We LOVE cupcakes from Crave! They just never seem to last long enough to make it back to Sask.

May 30, 2009

Project 365 5.30

Alberta Trip Day 6
Edmonton All Day with Heidi Swapp!  My mother-in-law was so kind to look after the kiddos for the day so I could attend this amazing & inspiring event hosted by the one & only Heidi Swapp!
I was so happy to share this experience with Missy & Lachalle (from Oxbow & Gainsbrough).  We all travelled 13 hours to get there. 
It was so worth it!  To meet her & learn from her was priceless.
We sat front row...such keeners.
She was so easy going and full of ENERGY!  

Kim, Talia & baby Kherington.
Heidi showing us the new House of 3 wall decor.
I was honored to take the group photo for the event.
The girls & I with Talia.
And one last shot of Heidi & I after the House of 3 presentation.  I was so glad I stayed for this portion of the event.  She talked about blogs, scrapbooking, photoshop, photography & how it's wonderful for us to be involved in as much as we can. It was such a great talk, we all ended up in tears, but at the same time inspired by all the positive energy.   This industry is changing and I think she is on the right track to where it's going.
And a quote she shared with us that day: 'SHE created a life SHE loved' inspiring!

After a day like that, while driving back to Penhold I came across this beautiful fitting.
The kids had a great day with Gramma.

May 29, 2009

Project 365 5.29

Alberta Trip Day 5
Scarlett tried on Auntie Amber's high heels before we got ready to visit with the Hill family.
Started off with a coffee playdate at my friend Jenny's. Here's her son Anderson (above) and daughter Jackie (below).

Ace loved to chase their dog Brutis, instead of how our dog chases him.

They introduced us to the world of foam stickers.
Ace & Scarlett loved the alphabet fridge magnets (magnets won't stick to our fridge)
Then we were off to Airdrie to visit the Craig family for lunch.
We had octopus & seaweed.
Jarilyn (above ) and Charli (below)
The kiddies...awwww.
Jarilyn showing us her music.

Charli havin' a boogie to the chicken dance.
And our last stop of the day was in Penhold (near Red Deer) at Gramma Rose & Grampa Phil's where we stayed overnight.
Playing puzzles.
The kids couldn't wait to get there to see all the kitties & puppies.