February 28, 2011


Last day of hockey practice today.  We're so proud of Ace and his improvement on the ice this year.  And Cory has had a great time coaching these little hockey players.

 The kids playing their favorite ice game...cops & robbers.
Scarlett's going to miss these other hockey sisters who got to know each other while at the rink. 

Oscar Dresses

Michelle Williams was my pic for best dressed at the 2011 Oscars.  Loved her simple & classy look.
I of course had to show our little Scarlett her namesake, Scarlett Johanson...she is always looking amazing. 

Little Angel | Digital Scrapbook Layout

I was looking around online for a page template to display ONE photo.  I wanted to use this image Cory took of me holding Coco on Friday in a layout.  I stumbled on this FREE template and free patterned paper - which I recolored (by Katie Pertiet...love her work) and voila, the finished page.

Journalling Font | Courier
Title Font | Impact

February 27, 2011


Cory stripping and re-sealing our granite countertops...hard to believe we've been in our new home for almost 2 years already!

February 26, 2011


We were in for a definite TREAT tonight...a very special dinner which we bid on at this auction with two other couples, the Irwin's and the Heiser's.  We call it 'Sandy's Supper'...Sandy Dalziel donated an evening of fine dining & hosting in her home and tonight we were lucky enough to be her guests.
The food, oh my...where do I begin.  When we arrived, we were greeted with beverages followed by appetizers.  Sandy served us crab filled wontons, cranberry tart & fresh bread with several spreads.  Then we enjoyed a mouth-watering tortellini spinach salad with poppyseed dressing.  The main course was individual stuffed cornish hens with herbed baby potatoes, fresh steamed green beans & onion casserole. And for dessert there were delicious chocolate cups filled with fresh berries, hawaiian cake & caramel cheesecake (my fave).
Everything was so great, I'd like to THANK Sandy again for her hospitality on this memorable night...we had a wonderful evening!   

February 25, 2011

Souris Valley Photography Club: February

The second meeting of our Souris Valley Photography Club took place this evening, it was great to see a crowd of 10 out to the meeting.  Jason did an amazing job of developing and presenting a basics of photography & camera course.  You can check out the quick reference booklet and download your own copy here.  Everyone did some hands on work with their own cameras and a few good discussions got going.    
We finished off the night sharing our theme photos from February: RED.  My subject was...pomegranate seeds.


The kiddos & I had a great morning at the Family Centre.
Alicia led this cute craft...snowman canvases.  So clever to use the kids' handprints to make snowman bodies.  

February 23, 2011


 I have been enjoying every minute of having all three kiddos to myself this week with school being out. Today we took a trip to the grocery store.  I rewarded their good behavior with a surprise trip to the LIBRARY...they thought it was the best ever.  Guess I should take them more often, you can't get any better than a totally fun AND free activity.  We loaded up a big bag of books and will be heading back as soon as they are all read...to get more.

February 22, 2011

February 21, 2011


We were so excited to hear Daddy was able to take the Family Day Holiday off of work to spend with us. We enjoyed the day together and took the chance to take part in the family skating event (while Nana watched Coco) put on by EFC at the local rink.

Winter Break TO-DO List

We were inspired by Becky Higgins to make a list of activities to do this holiday week from school. Just the right mix of work & play to keep us on track so the days don't just float by. The kids are loving it...they feel a sense of accomplishment when they check an item off the list. Thanks Becky for the wonderful {yet simple} idea!

February 20, 2011


Hangin' out on a Sunday at home.
My sweet friend Alicia knit this cute watermelon hat for Coco...she just grew into it!

February 19, 2011

New Glasses

Scarlett's two new pairs of glasses have arrived...both in pink.
Her eye has been doing so much better with them back on.


An afternoon at the rink kitchen...I was able to avoid the temptation of the deep-fried-ness.

February 18, 2011

February 17, 2011


One of my many jobs...carpooling kiddos to & from school. Today Breanna joined us.

February 16, 2011


Coco has been working hard for me today during photoshoots of her. This was taken while she was on a break, in between wardrobe changes. Yet another child of mine, being captured by this mama with a camera.

Coco-Bean (5 months)

I can't get enough of the baby adorable-ness!
Coco - 5.5 months

February 15, 2011


Headed to Minot for the day to get Ace's custom ear plugs made.
Just had to stop at Target to get my fix of the good stuff there...fun shopping!

February 14, 2011

Yellow Submarine Day

Ace was asked to provide the decorations for the submarine party they were having at school today. He had fun creating these yellow submarines (we hummed that tune as he created) and I was so impressed by how they turned out. We made them into banners and sandwich stick toppers to go with their submarine sandwich lunch.

100th Day of School

To celebrate the 100th day of school, Ace participated by bringing a collection of 100 marshmallows. I suggested he glue them to the paper (was thinking they would get eaten before they made it to school). What a fun project!


I had a blissful afternoon at Exhale Spa...ahhh!
Cory & the kiddos had purchased a gift certificate for me at Christmas and I unknowingly booked it for Feb 14th...Valentine's Day (I think Cory got double kuddos for that one).
I was treated to a mud wrap, 60 minute full body + face massage & a sea salt rejuvenating scrub. I felt amazing and was impressed by my first visit to this local spa...I will be back!

February 12, 2011


A purse inventory inspired by my friend Dee

Inside my fave {burberry} purse I've had for 4 years...amazed at ALL the stuff I had in there...
- favorite polka dot sketch/note book
- 4 different lip balms/glosses
- mini calculator
- floss
- coconut lime verbena hand lotion
- deodorant
- hair spray
- Tide pen
- apple
- chequebook
- liberty of london wallet
- mini pink purse which holds my US cash
- striped gloves
- chocolaty snacks
- a bit of boy cuteness (Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson photos)
- nail file
- pens
- favorite lined notepads
- key to my sisters house
- bobbypins
- red paperclip
- manilla envelope with '101' on it (from a hotel room in Swift Current)
- lucky pennies
- new baby headbands I picked up at a local boutique
- blue balloon from the bank
- large rhinestone key clip (needing repair)
- Ace's hospital bracelet (from a recent stay)
- Flames hockey ticket from a game we attended with Scott & Dee over a year ago

February 11, 2011


Everyone is making their own homemade pizzas around here for Friday night supper.

February 10, 2011

February 09, 2011

Quilted Card

Designed this card to take to Shelley and the women sewing Little Dresses for Africa; thought it suited the occasion just perfectly. You can find the tutorial to make this card here.


(Verla, Sherlynne, Gisele, Shelley, Marlene & Jan)
I took the opportunity to visit these local ladies today to take a few photos of how they are Making A Difference getting together sewing 'Little Dresses for Africa'. Shelley Baldwin, an Oxbow resident, spearheaded this project after her mother found an article in a sewing magazine about this great cause. She is an avid sewer/quilter and great believer in not wasting time, especially since she has health issues. She plans to keep active doing as much as she can for others.

She mentioned on Facebook that anyone who would like to get involved to head on over for a day of sewing at her house. The first ambition was to make 25 dresses, then 50 and now over 200! Local women were eager to help out, joining in and lending their time to sew, others contributed fabric and food for the get togethers. Shelley's husband Craig jokes that she is 'clothing the world one dress at a time'...it's starting to become evident it's turning out to have a big impact. Dresses have been sent to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe & Sudan. You can listen to Shelley's live interview on CBC radio here.

I have known Shelley since I was a child, her son & I went to school in the same grade. I have very fond memories of visiting Shelley's home when my Mom went there for coffee. I remember playing in their backyard playhouse & watching Mr. Dress-Up with her boys. I feel proud to be in the same community as such a good-hearted women.
Shelley encourages others to make yourself useful, using the time you have to help others. 'If every person on their own tried to make a little bit of a difference, it adds up' she said, Shelley hopes the message will carry on. Volunteerism is truly alive here, it was wonderful to be among such giving women and share some great laughs that day as they sew some good.

February 08, 2011


A very cold, blowing day in SE Sask. Not very good road conditions to travel and pick up the mail at our US post office box, but us girls took it slow. Captured some sun flares today too on our drive. This is a great tutorial on sun flares if you're interested.

February 07, 2011


Made this new recipe for supper tonight {I casseroles} with freshly baked biscuts.
It was a hit for the entire family.

February 06, 2011


More backyard fun...had a spontaneous fire to warm up, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, sipped hot cocoa & chased Piper in the snow.

February 05, 2011

February 04, 2011


We were so proud of Ace today, he was such a brave boy for his ear tube surgery. Our stay at the Regina hospital lasted 3 hours, his procedure was approx 15 minutes. He could hear better immediately after they were in! He was back to his normal self an hour after the surgery. The medical staff in the day-surgery unit were so good to us, very empathetic. We are happy it is over and that everything went well {this Mama was stressing a bit}. Now he will have a chance to hear normally at such an important learning stage of his life.

February 03, 2011


Ace goes for ear tube surgery tomorrow morning so we're snuggling him extra tight tonight. We drove up to Regina tonight to stay over in a hotel so we could be at the hospital by 6am. Crossing our fingers that everything goes well tomorrow and that it improves his hearing.