February 09, 2011


(Verla, Sherlynne, Gisele, Shelley, Marlene & Jan)
I took the opportunity to visit these local ladies today to take a few photos of how they are Making A Difference getting together sewing 'Little Dresses for Africa'. Shelley Baldwin, an Oxbow resident, spearheaded this project after her mother found an article in a sewing magazine about this great cause. She is an avid sewer/quilter and great believer in not wasting time, especially since she has health issues. She plans to keep active doing as much as she can for others.

She mentioned on Facebook that anyone who would like to get involved to head on over for a day of sewing at her house. The first ambition was to make 25 dresses, then 50 and now over 200! Local women were eager to help out, joining in and lending their time to sew, others contributed fabric and food for the get togethers. Shelley's husband Craig jokes that she is 'clothing the world one dress at a time'...it's starting to become evident it's turning out to have a big impact. Dresses have been sent to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe & Sudan. You can listen to Shelley's live interview on CBC radio here.

I have known Shelley since I was a child, her son & I went to school in the same grade. I have very fond memories of visiting Shelley's home when my Mom went there for coffee. I remember playing in their backyard playhouse & watching Mr. Dress-Up with her boys. I feel proud to be in the same community as such a good-hearted women.
Shelley encourages others to make yourself useful, using the time you have to help others. 'If every person on their own tried to make a little bit of a difference, it adds up' she said, Shelley hopes the message will carry on. Volunteerism is truly alive here, it was wonderful to be among such giving women and share some great laughs that day as they sew some good.

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