October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!
It's been a while since I went Trick or Treating on a Sunday. Ace, Scarlett & I headed out this afternoon together.
Hit the streets with my princess & ghostbuster.
Visited our neighbors house.
Daddy & Coco stayed home to hand out treats.
Visited Auntie Amber's house where Gingie (Kyra) was handing out treats.
THE best costume of the year, Cruella (Rose) & her pups.
Unique Halloween sunset.

October 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

A few weeks ago my parents hosted Thanksgiving. It was then that we had our very first family of 5 photo taken.
And while the ol' chair was in the backyard the kids had fun taking a few more photos.

Nana cookin' in the kitchen...she is so good at makin' a turkey dinner happen.
And for dessert, I was happy to provide fresh baked apple pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!


This year for Halloween Scarlett was beautiful Princess Jazmine.
Auntie Amber did her hair and she loved getting her makeup done.,
She wore sparkly purple shoes.
Ace was sresses as a Ghostbuster.
'Who ya gonna call....?'
The Glen Ewen family dance was a hit with our kids, they had an awesome time! It was great to hang out with Michelle , Sheri and their families.
Coco & Cruz

October 29, 2010


Went to Carnduff tonight to watch the Saskatchewan premier of a friend's movie to start off this Halloween weekend. He stared in The Corrupted...a spooky horror movie. It was great to see Jeremy in this...kuddos to him!

October 24, 2010

Nana & Her Doggies

Nana with Piper & Kessler


What a great weekend! Scrapbooking & crafting at the lodge in Kenossee Lake was such a wonderful way to spend some downtime. I'm so lucky to have a family who knows how important it is for this Mommy to take time for herself.

Peggy, who put on the retreat, outdid herself once again! It was so nice to be treated to her meals and goodies like the cinnamon bun bunt cake below. Thanks and I look forward to the next retreat in March 2011.

October 23, 2010


Woke up this morning at the Scrapbook Retreat feeling refreshed and less sad about leaving Baby Coco. Cory was great to reassure me they had a good night and he had things totally under control at home...what a great feeling to hear that!

It was great to craft the day away! Took a cupcake break later on...the pumpkin flavored one with cream cheese icing was so yummy!

October 22, 2010


I was having mixed emotions about going away this weekend to a Scrapbook Retreat. But once I was on the road, I had such a relaxed feeling and knew it would be so good for me. I got on the highway to travel to Kenossee Lake (about an hour away) and loved the gorgeous sunset I was privileged to see. It made me think I was so lucky to have a sweet husband to take care of all three kids this weekend, even with Coco only being 8 weeks old. I was pretty sad to be leaving Coco especially since she's still nursing. But on the other hand I was glad I booked this trip months ago, for seeing how much a good break would relax me and take me back to my family fresh again.

After I arrived and got unpacked I began working on Monday Night Class kits. I haven't scrapbooked or crafted in a while and I remembered how much I miss it and enjoy it. I was looking forward to a weekend of productive creating among great ladies!!!

October 21, 2010


First hockey practice of the year for Ace & Scarlett....AND Coach Cory!
He's happy to be teaching these little ones all about hockey.
I'm pretty proud of him taking on the task especially since he doesn't have any coaching or hockey experience. It will be a fun adventure!
Scarlett & Ace are both enrolled in hockey this year. It's nice they can be in the same age group.
I had a proud Mommy moment when I took Ace up to the ice just as practice was starting. I put him on the ice and off he skated!!! I felt so proud of him and remembered how far he has come with his skating from last year. Way to go buddy...have fun in hockey!

October 20, 2010


'When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile' ~ unknown

Snapped this series of Coco & cupcake photos when Cory surprised me with Crave cupcakes from his trip to Calgary. She had a onsie with a cupcake on it and I just couldn't resist.
She was such a cutie for these photos. Eventually she smooshed the cupcake with her hand and ended up having her first taste of sugar...as you can tell by the photo below.

October 19, 2010


Today we're celebrating 8 adventurous years of marriage! 5 moves, 3 beautiful children and many changes along the way...it's been wonderful and just keeps getting better. Of course it would be much more fun to celebrate with my ROCK of a husband today, but he's away out of town on business. So a special celebration will have to wait for now, and instead I pulled out the wedding album to reminisce that special day and thought I'd share some here too...

Our fabulous wedding party...aren't they a good looking bunch!
Half our our wedding day guests...
...and the other half of our wedding guests
Looking at these photos really reminds me of our beautiful day and that I really NEED to display some around our home!

October 18, 2010


I've been a single Mom of three for the past few days. Cory has been away on business over the weekend, he stopped in at home last night and was off again on business to Calgary this morning. It's went well, but boy am I looking forward to him being home soon.