July 31, 2008


It amazes me when I come across these things that the kids do.

July 30, 2008

Visit from Uncle Terry

We had a surprise visit from Cory's Uncle Terry on the long weekend. He was eager to help out on the roof when he showed up...he has been so helpful over the last year, we appreciate it so much!
The kids and Uncle Terry...and Rocky, his dog
Such a smart dog!

July 29, 2008

Putting on the Roof

It was alot of prep-work and three hours of craning to get the roof on the house.
We built trusses into sections on the ground and hired a crane to put them up.

Helpers: Rich & Dad

Todd on the forklift

Cory amazes me everyday during the construction process, here he is landing trusses two storeys up!
Dad & I waiting for orders

The biggest set of trusses we craned

Our spectators:
Trina (our neighbour) brought Ace & Scarlett to watch
Kelby & Ace
Scarr-ie Aunt Michelle & Kyra
Aunt Michelle & Mom

July 28, 2008


A beautiful sunset after a storm.

Stormy Clouds

The clouds we've been able to see from our campsite are amazing.!

We ended up heading to my parents for the night after all the weather warnings that accompanied this storm. Turned out to be pretty minimul...just what happens when you're prepared for the worst...I guess better safe than sorry, right.

July 26, 2008

Visit from the Craigs

The Craig family joined us in Oxbow for a few days
We hit the swimming pool,

had some drinks,
a big dinner,
some birthday cake for Jarilyn,

a Kubota ride...we had a great time!
The kiddos
Scarlett & Ace would keep their dog Kia if they'd let them

July 22, 2008

Erin & Tony's Wedding

We attended Erin & Tony's wedding and had a wonderful time!

The girls, the night before

The Big Day
I was impressed that this lady color coordinated her sun-umbrella with the wedding colors
Flowergirls Jarilyn & Charlie
Maid of Honor Tara
Bob & Marnie walking Erin down the asile

Cam (with sleeping Charlie) & Brendan

Sebastion & Lisa
Cute dancers
Me, Tara, Erin & Lisa

Cory, me, Tara & Cam
Long story about why we gave the couple a BBQ cover for a gift...the bride (& Lisa) slept in our backyard in our BBQ cover after Tara's stagett...we still talk about it to this day.
Color coordinated M & Ms decorated the tables...and totally wired the kids.
Cute wedding favors