August 30, 2008

New House Update

We are 5 months into the building process, about half way, and feeling good about how it's been coming along.  We've had to adjust our time line to accommodate some of the trades in the area, which will take us to an approximate February possession date. 

What's next, there's no shortage of jobs around here for us.  We'll be starting to do the siding & decks soon while the plumber is working on getting the heating and water lines in.  We're also waiting on the cement for the basement floor to be poured.  Cory & I work on the house during the day and then do our homework in the evenings...such as choosing flooring, cabinetry & interior colors. 
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a peek!

August 29, 2008

Family Supper followed by a Campfire

We went out for a family supper to celebrate my sister Christa's completion of the Canadian Border Crossing Guard exam (4 hour test).

Followed by a fun campfire

August 28, 2008

Camper Living

This has been our 'home sweet home' since the beginning of May.
I can't believe how much I actually liked living in our camper!
Things we got used to while living in a camper:
- waiting for the water to heat us if you want to shower or wash dishes
- not much room, that's obvious
- dirty feet
- the kids clothes were kept in plastic drawer units
- it's loud when it rains/storms
- mice & critters...only had two so far
- wind
- wood ticks
- quick showers
- no telephone, only cell phones
- no internet 
- dishwashing is done the 'old fashioned' way
Bonuses of living in a camper:
- There's usually other campers to visit and play with
- a marshmallow roast & smores are possible within moments
- feel much closer to nature and have a chance to enjoy the outdoors
- there's usually a ball game to watch
- beautiful landscape
- jiffy pop...need I say more?
- utility bills are on hold
- urges you to get some great fresh air
- it brought our family closer together

It was a great way to spend our summer of 2008 in our 
Home Sweet Camper!

August 26, 2008

SUMMER Letters

Thought I would end off a great summer with about the only crafty project that I've done since moving to in a camper doesn't really leave me alot of room to craft.

Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

August 23, 2008

August 22, 2008

Three Sisters

It's so nice to be together as THREE sisters!

Family Photo Shoot

Snider Family Photo Shoot

We took the opportunity to do a family photo shoot while Amber was in town.
-candid shot-
The cousins
-this was a tough shot-

Thank you to Shelby who took most of the group shots (her Mom is rubbing off on her)!

August 20, 2008

Auntie Amber & Shelby Visit

We enjoyed a great visit from Auntie Amber & Shelby who travelled from Calgary to stay with us for a week.  Amber enjoyed visiting family & friends.  And Shelby helped our family out by babysitting Ace & Scarlett for the week.
Shelby showing the kids how to make a play-dough ice cream cone.
We miss Shelby...our 'Calgary baby-sitter extrorinaire'!  We all hope she will continue to make summer's a treat to have her stay with us. 
Make-up time for the girls
Kyra & Shelby

August 18, 2008

Gardening for the Year

The entirety of my gardening this year. I kept this pot of beautiful flowers alive for the whole summer in front of our camper-home...I'm not much of a gardener or nature-lover, so that was a major accomplishment for me.

August 17, 2008


Scarlett blowing dandelions...

Windows Are In

Here's a look at the newly 'installed' windows.
Cory & I are both very impressed by how they look and glad we took a chance purchasing them from Polland.
A big thank you to Rich, Dad & Ray who were the install crew with Cory.

New Powerpoll

This bit of news isn't too, too exciting...but the new powerpoll (which we had to pay for) was installed today.  I had a chance to take a couple of photos since the power was 'off' for an hour or so.

Old Poll
Dad & Rich supervising
Brand-Spankin'-New Poll

August 16, 2008

Ace's Swimming Lessons

We enrolled Ace in swimming lessons at the Oxbow Swimming Pool for a second year...he loved it & did great!
Salamander class with Lisa the instructor

Ready, set,

This sign has been at the pool since I was a kid...makes me giggle

Proud that he passed the class & can't wait till next year!