November 30, 2010

2010 Mercer Family Photo

This was the result of a successful family photoshoot for our holiday card photo this year. Thanks to my wonderful sister Christa (who was behind the camera), my Mom for standing by (with soothers, blankets and funny faces) and my cooperative family...I think they are finally understanding how important it is to me to capture our family in a traditional photo year after year.


This little baby isn't so little anymore.
At 3 months she is weighing in at 11 lbs 3 oz and 22" long
We are enjoying her so much...especially her cuddles!

November 28, 2010


Grey Cup Sunday....we all had our green on, even baby Coco.
We watched the game at the Heiser home.

Cory was happy to take the kids sledding on the ski-doo for the first time this season.

November 27, 2010


Doing a bit of holiday baking today...Soft Gingersnaps with Pumpkin Dip.

The kids were craving some crafting time, they haven't painted since summer. They got out the paint supplies and had a blast.
{as you can see, Scarlett has really been into wearing a Bindi on her forehead lately...ever since she was Princess Jasmine for Halloween}
I love watching my little artists at work!
She has been asking since Coco arrived to hold the baby on her own, today was the day and she did a great job. She was such a proud big sister!

November 26, 2010


Tonight was the Expressway Family Centre's 10th annual TwIsTeD Tree & Wreath Auction. It was an amazing much fun for such a good cause!

It has been a pleasure to volunteer on the EFC board. Part of volunteer duties include assisting with this annual fundraiser. This year I was on the committee to organize this event and it was so fulfilling to see it come together this evening!

Our family had a great time creating these wreaths together to donate to the auction.
Marshmallow Wreath (instructions here)
Yarn Ball Wreath (instructions here)
Tootsie Roll Wreath
Missy at the mock-tail and holiday treat counter.
Danielle at the Jingle Table
Live Auction items
Silent Auction items
Let the fundraiser begin...
The event was well attended, great to see so many local faces
Porky & Sandy doing a stellar job as auctioneers
My purchase for the evening...a $110 organic chocolate cake made with sheath flour (with a vintage milk glass plate). It was oh so delicious and for a great cause.

November 25, 2010


Oxbow's Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony took place this evening. It's been a while since an event like this has taken place here. It was wonderful to watch everyone come together for this holiday occasion! Coming home after all the festivities made me smile and gave me warm fuzzy feelings. That's what I love about living in this small town!

November 24, 2010


I'm so proud of how this turned out...our Wine Club's donation for the TwIsTeD Tree & Wreath Auction.

November 23, 2010


I think winter has arrived and blanketed the house...looking forward to seeing it with Christmas lights.

November 21, 2010


Making wreaths with my sisters and my Mom today. Creating three unique holiday wreaths to auction at the TwIsTeD Tree & Wreath Auction next week...a fundraiser for the Expressway Family Centre.
We had so much fun creating these together...might just make this an annual tradition.

November 19, 2010

Amber's Surprise Birthday

My Mom, sister Christa & I surprised our other sister Amber with a birthday dinner tonight. She thought she was cutting my hair tonight and instead we picked her up and took her out for supper at the Olive Branch Bistro. After having chocolate turtle cheesecake for dessert {yummm} we headed to Alameda for the play 'Sorry Wrong Chimney' performed by the Cellar Dwellars. The show was hilarious {even had a stripping police officer} and was a great end to a night out with the girls.


The sundogs this morning were amazing!
Sundogs are formed by plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals in high and cold cirrus clouds or, during very cold weather by ice crystals called diamond dust drifting in the air at low levels. These crystals act as prisms, bending the light rays passing through them by 22°.

November 18, 2010


Just hangin' with my girls today. Scarlett will often soothe Coco, she is the best at it. Today instead of giving her a bit of vitamin D on her soother, she gave the baby the whole bottle to hold onto...seemed to work.

I have a feeling these two girls are going to be the best of friends.

November 17, 2010


This is how Scarlett prefers her toast in the mornings...a little bit of everything. Guess you can say she loves variety.

Triple Clipboard Class

Taught a class this week at the Family Centre where we made these triple clipboards. I plan on hanging mine in my kitchen and keeping a separate shopping list on each.

November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010


Evidence of a crazy household...have I mentioned, Scarlett loves puppy dogs!

November 13, 2010


While in Minot Ace came down with an allergy resulting in his eyes swelling. This is him after he was on the mend for a day. Had our first experience with going to a clinic in the USA, they were great and we couldn't have avoided going in (we'll see how much we end up paying for our visit, they said they'd bill us).

November 12, 2010


Mmmm, my first holiday Starbucks of the season...peppermint mocha.

We headed to Minot for some early Christmas shopping. Our whole extended family went as well...even Piper our dog.

November 11, 2010


It was fun to get Ace to write out his alphabet at age 6...we'll put it in his schoolyears box.

November 10, 2010


Ace talked his Auntie into doing this to his hair today.
Go Flames Go!

November 09, 2010


Foggy morning...the girls & I headed out with the camera after we dropped Ace off at school to capture some foggy pictures. It felt very eairy when I hopped out of the van to take these...almost like someone was watching us. I was thrilled with the creepy feeling that came thru with these photos.