June 30, 2009

Project 365 6.30

Stayed overnight in Calgary at my sisters place. Weren't able to visit anyone since we were only in the city for approx 20 hours...but we enjoyed some Starbucks!
Before heading back to Oxbow on our 10 hour drive, we had breakfast with Amber & her boyfriend Chris.

Looking forward to being back in Sask...time to stay home and relax for a bit!

June 29, 2009

Project 365 6.29

Saying Goodbye to the Camper
Here are the kids fast asleep during their last night in our camper. I'm a little sad we're selling it because it was HOME for 5 months last year. I actually had a blast living in it, loved the fact that all that mattered in our lives fit into that 200 sq/ft house-on-wheels. I wasn't a 'camper' before we lived in it, I only agreed to go camping for our kids to have the experience while they're growing up.

But with our construction business being as busy as it is this year, we just weren't going to have any time to spend in the camper. We didn't want it sitting there for year depreciating. And the fact that it's too big to haul. And that Cory is getting sick of all the work that goes into camping. We found a buyer and decided to sell!

So bye-bye camper, I'll miss you! Maybe next year we will purchase one of these.

June 28, 2009

Project 365 6.28

Today was a relaxing day with the Allans. Most of the guests headed home today, but we stayed as we had just gotten there on Saturday. It was nice to chat all day and take in the beautiful scenery surrounding their yard. I captured these photos of Gavin & his blue wig, such a cutie!
The kids played awesome together. We actually didn't even hear much from them all day as they were to busy playing.

Takin' a break and havin some lunch. (yes, Scarlett is sporting a sunburn)

Time for smores!!!
We all winded down around the campfire.

Our gracious hosts, nice photo!

And the night got a little funny when Piet brought out the karokee machine...I like how he's wingin' aroung the microphone...yes he hit himself.
We had a great time! Thanks for having us guys!

June 27, 2009

Project 365 6.27

We travelled to Medicine Hat to spend some time with The Allans for their Annual Weekend of Fun. Pieter & Dawn are amazing at hosting this event. Below are Dawn's parents after they clothed everyone with the appropriate team attire.
There were approximately 50 guests.
Our travelling gnome came with us for the trip.
Cotton candy, a hit with they kids, especially Daisy & Scarlett who ate 4 in a row.
Games for the kiddies.
Horse shoes for the adults, here's Shannon making a shot.
The horse shoe champions.

Candy toss for the kids, here's Amanda & Nicole with their loot.
Ace after a successful bug hunt.
Rob, Jane (Pieter's Mom), Pieter & Paul.
Shannon, me & Rob.
That evening Pieter decided to throw a whole wooden wall onto the fire, crazy guy.
It evacuated us from our relaxing lawn chairs since it was so BIG!
Pieter & Dennis with their wishbone stick...and Chris watching/laughing off to the side.

June 26, 2009

Project 365 6.26

Grad Photos 2009
Today I had four grad session photography clients. All the grads looked amazing, I was so happy for them on their special day! The weather was great, overcast, exactly what a photographer loves.

This is Shaina, my first client of the day. Stay tuned for my favorite photos from each grad and my new photography website. A special thanks to Russ & Christine Kerr who allowed me to use their yard and garage for the photoshoots.

June 25, 2009

Project 365 6.25

Ace's first visit to Kindergarten. He had an interview with his teacher & got a tour. I think he will do just fine going there in the fall...me on the other hand, might have some Mommy-issues.

This evening I was at the Expressway Family Centre's fall schedule planning meeting. Afterward I was on my way home and this cloud was looming over town...doesn't it look eerie!
I went to another location to get this shot, so glad I stopped. It pays to ALWAYS carry my camera!

June 23, 2009

Project 365 6.23

He makes me laugh when he fluffs his hair like this. I think he dared me to take his photo, so I did!

June 22, 2009

Project 365 6.22

These two had fun dancing together today upstairs in our bonus room. They were watching this movie, after it was over and the credits started to roll, Scarlett's favorite song came on: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield. They were so cute!

It's times like these that I feel so fortunate that they have each other.