March 31, 2008


'Feng Shui'
My sister Christa suggested that we try a little Feng Shui to help us sell our home.
What you do is take a piece of your baseboard, a piece of metal from your kitchen & soil from your garden and place it all into a red envelope. Then you send the envelope down a fast moving river. We thought it was worth a shot and maybe just maybe it will send us some good never know?

March 30, 2008


'Pizza Night'
Everyone around here loves pizza night, especially when you just don't know what to cook for a meal. The kids were sick today with colds, so they figured that they needed their blankets to sit with at the supper table.

Going Away Party

On Saturday evening, our close Calgary friends threw us a memorable Going Away Party! We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and enjoying their selections for the pot-luck. A big thank you goes out to the Chibry household for hosting the event...the atmosphere was amazing and it was so enjoyable to arrive at the party with everything being taken care of. Thank you to Ross who was the DJ for the event...we just love his tunes and enjoyed dancing all night. Thank you to Amber for taking it upon herself to have a cake made. Thank you to everyone who brought going-away gifts, cards & best wishes. And a special thank you goes to Dee-Ann, Amber, Kelly, Jenny & Kim who planned the event and made it all took the party-planning stress away and created a great party for us to remember for years to come...we are so thankful to have you as friends!Some of the gals
Rockband was enjoyed by many of the guests
Thank you so much to everyone who came! You mean so much to us and it was so special to see you before we embark on our new adventures in Oxbow.

March 29, 2008


'My Rock'
Yes, he's my rock...which also happens to be his nickname. And here, he's singin' his heart out on Rockband. Love ya!

March 28, 2008


'Zen Retreat'
It's funny how I never thought to create a space like this until we began staging the house to sell. I love the feeling our master & ensuite now gives off and find myself wandering in there throughout the day.
Midnight Pomegranate bubble bath smells wonderful!
Massage oils from Arbonne
Violet tulips by the bed
Feng shui music playing...such a peaceful space.

March 27, 2008


'I'm feeling YELLOW today'
Today was a day of yellow. Everywhere I turned, there it was, hello yellow. This color brightened my day!
a bouquet of daffodils,
What's Cooking magazine in my mailbox,
and the Bee Movie we watched today.

Color Inspiration

In my search for our new home colors I found this cool link. Check this out...for fun! I love GREEN.

March 26, 2008


'Clean Pantry'

I decided to take a photo of our pantry that I cleaned today, since it has never looked so neat and organized.
Custom spice rack from Storageworks....I absolutely love it!

Check this out, we're putting these in our pantry in the new house:

March 25, 2008


Many of you know we have been anticipating this for a few months. We are finally taking the plunge! Jumping into the exciting & slightly intimidating real estate market in Calgary. The past few weeks have been busy as we have been orgainzing, de-cluttering and finishing up all the odd jobs around the house. I'm so happy we are finally ready! It's challenging to keep the house looking polished while the munchkins are around, but we'll do our best. The sign is up and we are listed on MLS! Now all that's left to do is hurry up and wait!

SPRING Letters

I offered this little project as a class a few weeks turned out to be so cute! These letters are so easy to embellish, especially when you have such beautiful patterned papers. Simply trace, cut out and glue patterned paper onto wooden letters (found at Michaels). Allow to dry (very important) and sand with tools such as these. Then embellish with ribbons, butterfly punches, brads & silk flowers.

Build-a-brad was used on the 'S'

March 24, 2008


'Goodbye Nails'
After having gel nails for 3 years straight, I am taking a break (tear). I told my amazing nail lady {Casi} a few weeks ago that sadly this would be my last visit. Thanks for dealing with all my 'lifting' Cas! I decided to make this change since I will be The Rock's helper while building our house...and there's no room for 'I might break a nail' attitude. So instead of my feminine fingernails I had to find a way to bring a bit of my girlishness to the jobsite...I found Tomboy Tools! They have a line of pink tools just for us girls...I giggled when The Rock shook his head at me saying 'I have 5 hammers in the garage and what did you pay for that one?'.

PS: They're Canadian! ehh

March 23, 2008


I finally used my Williams-Sonoma backyard bugs cake pan today to make dessert...chocolate bugcakes. They were delish and the kids loved the fun critter shapes.

Some more photos from Easter morning.
The kids with their Easter baskets. Ace & Scarlett with their bunny shaped pancakes.

March 22, 2008

Final 30 of 30

In one short month, my 30th year on this great earth will end. I will then become '31'.
I will officially be in my 30's
I have been wanting to join the ranks of the popular 'picture a day' journals and thought this would be a way to commemorate this magical year of change, growth & exploration.
Starting today, March 22nd 2008, I resolve to take and share one photo a day between now and my birthday, April20th. I will take photos of things I love, things I live with, things I see, things I deal with, things I do...a month in the life so-to-speak. I will do my best to try to branch out and make these photos celebration and acceptance of the state of my life in this time. Thanks Pebbles for this wonderful idea.
Ready. Set...

You seldom catch Scarlett with anything in her hair...she usually takes it out within minutes. Today she did great...with pigtails! I snapped a couple of shots before they came out in the car on the way home from Easter dinner at Gramma & Grampas.

Cousin Autumn was great at helping out with these two this afternoon.