March 31, 2009

Project 365 3.31

Cleaning Crew
We have been truly blessed to have had so much help on our home building project.  Even in this last week as we're preparing to move in, lots of help has come our way.  Here is our neighbor Arlie, my Mom & Aunt Loelle who were here for the day cleaning.

March 30, 2009

Project 365 3.30

Crafty Kids
Easter egg Ace made at Pre-K...
Out pops a chick...too cute
And Scarlett is showing us the goose Ace made as well

March 29, 2009

Project 365 3.29

Today we finished up all our projects at the Scrapbook Retreat and said goodbye...but first I did a few pregnancy shots of Kim:
This one is funny:

Rose wore these slippers for the weekend, they were awesome.

March 28, 2009

Project 365 3.28

This Cosmo Cricket paper reads: Acid Free, Lignin Free, Sugar Free, High in Fiber, Head Over Heels...gave me a chuckle as I was making this page:

Great home cooked meals at the Scrapbook Retreat
Spending some quality time with my BFF Kim before she embarks on mommy-hood.
She came all the way from Calgary to meet me at the Scrapbooking Retreat, something we've done for years together and it was so special to spend time with her.

March 27, 2009

Project 365 3.27

Weekend Treat
My family was so great to let me take off for the weekend to go on my first Scrapbook Retreat in Sask.  I was invited to the retreat held at Kenosee Lake by my friend Barb.  My girlfriend Kim from Calgary flew in and met me there and we enjoyed some time together before her first baby is born in June.  We all enjoyed making our own ice cream sundae that night.

March 26, 2009

Project 365 3.26

Ice Cream Day at Trina's
Trina, our neighbour and dayhome lady made the kids homemade ice cream today with all the fixins.  We even got to have some too, they invited us over for afternoon breaktime.  It was delish!

March 25, 2009

Project 365 3.25

This is how our puppy Piper spends her time while we eat our meals.  She's not a table-begger, she is just anxious for us to finish our meal so we can play with her...and usually ends up having a nap while she waits.  We thought it was cute how she used one of the kids' toys as a pillow.

March 24, 2009

Project 365 3.24

This special Oreo cookie is making it's way to an avid Calgary Flames fan who is a friend of ours.  We hope he/she will enjoy this 'happy mail'.

March 23, 2009

Project 365 3.23

Appliances Are In
The fridge was the last of the appliances to be installed in our new home...we're getting really close to being finished!  Cory (driving), Curt & Justin moved the fridge around to the patio doors using the forklift (which was sporting a very flat tire).

March 22, 2009

Project 365 3.22

Another Uninvited Guest
After family supper tonight we arrived back at the Little Winter Cottage where we found another SNAKE!  The kids (of course) wanted to keep it as a pet and obviously Cory & I said 'NO'!  It's a good thing we're moving in less than two weeks.

March 21, 2009

Project 365 3.21

Trip to Brandon
My sister Christa & I made a quick trip to Brandon, MB with all of our kids to make a stop at Home Depot.  Of course, we also had to stop at Starbucks and I thought this was such a clever tip jar...made me laugh :)

March 20, 2009

Project 365 3.20

Thank You Cards
I have finally finished a batch of thank you cards I've been wanting to complete for weeks.  It felt so great to 'craft' again and we have many friends & family that these will be going out to.  

March 19, 2009

Project 365 3.19

Boscurvis Avenue
What a coincidence: when I was born, my parents lived in a trailer on this street...the same street as the Little Winter Cottage that we're living in.

March 18, 2009

Project 365 3.18

Fresh Bakery Bread
We always love it when Papa takes a trip to Carlyle...he always stops at the bakery to pick up fresh bread goodies and usually gets enough to share with the rest of the family.  Yum!

March 17, 2009

Project 365 3.17

Kids That Color
The last time we were at Starbucks the kiddies picked up some of these to color at home.  I'm totally putting this in my new studio.

March 16, 2009

Project 365 3.16

Dad's Painting Workshop
My Dad has converted his shop so that all our paint spraying for the new house can be done there.  Spraying all the trim & doors is such a time saver as compared to how long it would take using a brush or roller.  He has done an amazing job of the set-up which allows all the doors & baseboards to sit and dry after he sprays them.  Thank you for taking this on Dad, everything looks great!  All our trim is being painted in 'Glacier White' by Benjamin Moore.

Cindy's 30th Birthday

I had a great time photographing this event for such a wonderful friend!

March 15, 2009

Project 365 3.15

Cheerleading With Cousins
While at Nana & Papas today, the kids passed time by making human pyramids.  Lots of fun & gigging involved.

March 14, 2009

Project 365 3.14

Our Custom Cabinet Makers
Nathan & Daniel from HP Woodworking travelled all the way from Calgary to Oxbow to install all of our cabinet doors & drawer fronts.  They look amazing!  Here they are in my future studio finishing up.

March 13, 2009

Project 365 3.13

Here I am in the kitchen of our Little Winter Cottage doing dishes by hand.  Not much about this kitchen 'works'; single bowl sink, sliding door cabinets, faucet that won't stay in place, slanted floor & countertop, limited storage & counter space.  So as you can probably tell, we're really looking forward to the kitchen in our new house...which will be totally worth the wait, but I always want to remember the kitchen that got us there.

March 12, 2009

Project 365 3.12

Uninvited Guest
Yes that's right, the snakes in the Little Winter Cottage are stirring with this nice weather.  This one crawled right past us on our living room floor...we've never seen any in the house on the main floor till now.  Cory rescued us from this disgusting snake and sent it packing outside where it froze overnight...this is what it looked like in the morning...yuck.  The only thing keeping me going is that we only have a few more weeks here till we move.

March 10, 2009

Project 365 3.10

Our neighbour at the new house, Alrie brought over these muffins for our afternoon coffee break.  They were delicious & she sent the recipe.  Thanks so much!
1/2 cup butter (softened)
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup sour cream
3 cups chopped rhubarb

1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp cold butter

Directions: Cream butter & sugar.  Add egg & beat well.  Combine flour and remaining dry ingredients in seperate bowl, then add to creamed mixture alternately with sour cream.  Fold in rhubarb.  Fill muffin tins 3/4 full.  Topping: combine pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon, cut in butter till crumbly.  Sprinkle over batter.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, until toothpick comes out clean.  Cool 5 minutes before removing from pans.  Makes 1 & 1/2 dozen.

March 09, 2009

Project 365 3.9

Sharing a Room
Ace & Scarlett's they are just before bedtime, in each other's beds.  I wanted to capture our life in the Little Winter Cottage since we'll be moving out in a few weeks.  

March 07, 2009

Project 365 3.7

The Expressway Family Centre here in Oxbow has a special gymnastics class they've put on for a few weekends in March.  Scarlett was surprisingly shy during her class, she warmed up at the end.

March 06, 2009

Project 365 3.6

Lots of Recycling
There is a crazy amount of cardboard that our light fixtures are packed in.  Our van was FULL on the way to the recycling centre.

March 05, 2009

Project 365 3.5

We have LIGHT!
Our electricians, Glen & his apprentice Jeremy of Glen's Electric have been hard at work installing our light fixtures.  Here they are hanging our front entrance chandelier.  Working with Glen's Electric on this job has been an absolute pleasure, they are one of the most reliable sub-contractors we've encountered.

March 04, 2009

Project 365 3.4

Ensuite Almost Complete
Remember these tiles, they are now completing the look of our spa-ensuite off of our master bedroom.  We're so impressed by the look after it all came together.  Cory & I grouted all of this together and it felt like such an accomplishment when we were finished.  Now all we have to complete in this room are the plumbing hookups and install the glass shower door.