October 31, 2009

Project 365 10.31

Mermaid & Iron Man for Halloween this year

Trick or treating with Dad
Nana & Papa's awesome treats
The loot...
...loved the looks on their faces!
Some orange Oreos for a Halloween snack
Trick or Treat...Have a great Halloween everyone!

11 Years

Our Halloween costumes 11 years ago {Cory in a toga, me as rollergirl} when we 'met again' and have been together ever since.
Our Halloween costumes today {Cory as Pauly Bleeker and me as Juno McGuff from the movie Juno}

October 29, 2009

Project 365 10.29

Halloween is almost here...Scarlett dressed up for her party at Story Hour.
Here she is with her friend Sadie
Grandma brought us some mini Halloween cupcakes to enjoy
And it was time to carve our pumpkins!
We're almost ready for Halloween!

October 28, 2009

Scarlett's Dance Class

It was parents day at Scarlett's dance school, I was thrilled to be able to watch {and take photos} of a typical dance class.

We are thrilled that she enjoys going to class!
Doing ballet...

And tap...

Project 365 10.28

Civic Voting Day
Today we went to the local polls to place our votes for Oxbow Town Council. Cory was one of the 13 people nominated. I am proud to say that he was voted in to be one of six Town Councilors.

Ace wasn't able to make it to his school Halloween party today because he was sick. So we partied at home with him, costume and everything and took the time to go into school to send his classmate some Halloween treats.

Scarlett is still healthy...& sporting a rather interesting outfit, she cracks us up!

October 27, 2009

Project 365 10.27

No Parking was right...today I was happy to be heading home to my family.

Of course Mommy brought goodies for everyone...for the kids, their very own jars of ice cream sprinkles, they were so thrilled!

Cory was impressed by the wine I brought home...we opened this one to share tonight!

October 26, 2009

Project 365 10.26

An early morning coffee with this friend started my day. Had a great visit with Jenny, Jackie & Anderson...just like old times, but really made me miss my kiddos.
Then I was off to visit Cory's Grandparents. I was happy in a way that being stranded in Calgary without a vehicle granted me one more day to visit family & friends.
Chinook Centre was my next stop where I met friends for a quick bite...and got my sushi fix!
Then a quick coffee with Linda at Starbucks, such a nice visit.

And I ran into Shelby at the mall after while doing some power-shopping :)
Got the call from my favorite-dealership in the world...Brasso Nissan...my van was finally fixed. I was so impressed with their customer service, I took them all chocolates. So happy to be going home tomorrow...had an awesome trip!

October 25, 2009

Project 365 10.25

Today is the last day {and most productive} of the retreat Dee-Ann & I are on in Kananaskis. It's been wonderful to be with my crafting soulmate again. The BEST idea Dee had for this trip was to bring her printer...it's been so great to share it with her and print out photos as I needed them, thanks so much Dee.

Here's a pick of our wonderful hosts giving out countless prizes, Deb & Diana with the fabulous Christy Riopel representing Monday Night Class. It was so special to catch up with all three of these amazing women.
Our welcome gifts...
Dee & I, just steps away from the casino she taught me to play roulette at
One of our crafting neighbors and her adorable Christmas card
Treats I made for Ace's school friends
Me in the Nissan Versa...so thankful for that little car getting us here
Saying 'bye' to the Chibrys...Kaeden giving a little wave to Ace & Scarlett

Then I was back at Amber's {till my van is fixed}. We decided to go out for supper at Tommy Burger with a few of her friends. I was thrilled that they had a menu dedicated to 'Caesars'...us Snider girls love our Caesar drinks!!!

Yum, delish burger
We snapped this pic of ourselves before leaving to go see this movie. A great night with my lil sis.