August 27, 2007

Alameda Centennial

We attended the festivities in Alameda, SK to celebrate the town's centennial on Aug 3 - 5th. The kids & I made the trip with our wonderful babysitter Shelby...she was a great helper. The town did an amazing job of celebrating and it was great to see everyone.

Monument unveiled in honor of WWI & WW2 soldiers from the area. My Grandfather, Cecil Krieger's name is on the left side.

Main Street

Uncle Clifford's 80th Birthday

We were so happy to share in Uncle Clifford's 80th birthday held at the Moose Creek Golf Course and it was a great way to visit with family members we don't see too often.
Uncle Clifford
Happy Birthday Uncle Cliff!
Aunt Sue gave a birthday speech
Andrea & Aunt Loelle
Christa, Scarlett & Kelby
Grandpa & Tim
Sherry, Grandpa & Calla
Aunt Loelle & Joy
Shelby, Mom & Christa playing 'Ring-Around-The-Rosie' with the kids
Kyra & Shelby (who is our babysitter that came all the way to Alameda with me, thanks Shelby!)
Ace & Auntie Christa
Mommy & Scarlett
Scarlett & Ace running around the golf course

Photos with Grandpa

Beer Gardens

Beer gardens at the Alameda Rink on Friday night was a great way to visit old friends & family. My brother-in-law Corey played drums in his band...great entertainment for the party.

Kyra and her Uncle Scott
Laurie & Uncle Garth
Aunt Sue & Laurie
Mom, Kyra & Shelby...on the 'other' side of the fence (this one if for Dee-Ann)

Alameda Parade

It was a beautiful day for the Alameda Centennial Parade.
Kelby, Kyra & Ace enjoyed watching
Ace loved the big trucks & tractors
Uncle Corey driving a John Deere
My favorite float, mostly for the connection to our family. A century of wedding dresses entered by the Alameda Museum

In the center, my cousin wearing our Grandmother's dress from 1940 and on the right, my sister Christa wearing a dress from 1980
On the right, a young lady wearing my Mom's wedding dress from 1970
Angela looked amazing in Grandma's wedding dress...she would have been so proud!
Bouquets were replicated by my Mom & sister Christa

Party of the Year

The Alameda Street Dance was so much fun...actually I think it was the party of the year!

August 23, 2007

Weekend at Glennifer Lake

We took a trip out to Glennifer Lake to stay at the Pinel's acreage the last weekend of July. We had a fun and relaxing time and also celebrated Cam & Tara's daughter Jarilyn's 3rd birthday. It was great to see some old Red Deer Valve & Fitting co-workers of mine and how their families have grown over the past 3 years of me leaving the business.
It was my first time driving the truck pulling our 5th-wheel trailer. It went well, I'm proud of myself and now have a new understanding of what it's like to pull a trailer on a busy highway.
Boating at you can see, Cam knows our son well as he holds on to Ace who can't sit still, even in a boat.
Crystal, Abby & Jeff going for a rideAce, Daddy & Scarlett!
Scarlett's stay on the beach ended in a relaxing snooze
Kids in the bouncer...prior to dinner
The Grandmas: Cam's Mom Ursula and Tara's Mom Marnie
Cam cookin' on the barbie...thanks for the wonderful meal guys!
Lots of games for the kiddies
Birthday Girl: Jarilyn
Tara & Cam with the birthday cake!

Canada Day at the Allan's

Even though this post is overdue, I wanted to share the wonderful time we had at the Allan Family's Canada Day weekend. We can't wait till next year!
Pieter & Dawn Allan's home...a beautiful acreage located East of Medicine Hat
Piet makin' pancakes
Guests enjoying the pancakes
The kids found them yummy!
Jarilyn & Ace
Goodies for the kids candy toss
Bug catchers...Ace & Brendan
The bouncing castle was a hit with the kids

One of my all time favorites...snowcones
The Allan's rented this for the weekend...awesome!
Scarlett enjoying some shaved ice
Daisy enjoying a red snowcone
Ace enjoying a blue snowcone
Funny girl, Daisy
Cory, Jeff, Pieter & Dawn...and Dawn is expecting a baby boy any day now, can't wait to meet him!