October 21, 2010


First hockey practice of the year for Ace & Scarlett....AND Coach Cory!
He's happy to be teaching these little ones all about hockey.
I'm pretty proud of him taking on the task especially since he doesn't have any coaching or hockey experience. It will be a fun adventure!
Scarlett & Ace are both enrolled in hockey this year. It's nice they can be in the same age group.
I had a proud Mommy moment when I took Ace up to the ice just as practice was starting. I put him on the ice and off he skated!!! I felt so proud of him and remembered how far he has come with his skating from last year. Way to go buddy...have fun in hockey!

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Lori said...

I just have to comment as the first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture, was "hey Cory is on the ice with the kids", my next thought was "He should put a helmet on!" Two reasons: 1. we had a coach a few years back who was an experienced skater & caught an edge, hit his head HARD and had some serious brain damage! It was scary. 2. It is a good example for the kids!! I think all minor hockey associations should require their coaches to wear a helmet - it only makes sense, especially since they cover those coaches under their insurance policy! So keep your noggin safe Cory!
I'll step off my soapbox now! Sorry to hijack your blog!!