February 12, 2011


A purse inventory inspired by my friend Dee

Inside my fave {burberry} purse I've had for 4 years...amazed at ALL the stuff I had in there...
- favorite polka dot sketch/note book
- 4 different lip balms/glosses
- mini calculator
- floss
- coconut lime verbena hand lotion
- deodorant
- hair spray
- Tide pen
- apple
- chequebook
- liberty of london wallet
- mini pink purse which holds my US cash
- striped gloves
- chocolaty snacks
- a bit of boy cuteness (Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson photos)
- nail file
- pens
- favorite lined notepads
- key to my sisters house
- bobbypins
- red paperclip
- manilla envelope with '101' on it (from a hotel room in Swift Current)
- lucky pennies
- new baby headbands I picked up at a local boutique
- blue balloon from the bank
- large rhinestone key clip (needing repair)
- Ace's hospital bracelet (from a recent stay)
- Flames hockey ticket from a game we attended with Scott & Dee over a year ago


Veronica said...

I love this! I also think I see your lip balms are from Bath & Body Works, they are my favourite ones!

Tenille said...

I LOVE your purse Starr! Would love to have one...maybe someday ;)