February 26, 2011


We were in for a definite TREAT tonight...a very special dinner which we bid on at this auction with two other couples, the Irwin's and the Heiser's.  We call it 'Sandy's Supper'...Sandy Dalziel donated an evening of fine dining & hosting in her home and tonight we were lucky enough to be her guests.
The food, oh my...where do I begin.  When we arrived, we were greeted with beverages followed by appetizers.  Sandy served us crab filled wontons, cranberry tart & fresh bread with several spreads.  Then we enjoyed a mouth-watering tortellini spinach salad with poppyseed dressing.  The main course was individual stuffed cornish hens with herbed baby potatoes, fresh steamed green beans & onion casserole. And for dessert there were delicious chocolate cups filled with fresh berries, hawaiian cake & caramel cheesecake (my fave).
Everything was so great, I'd like to THANK Sandy again for her hospitality on this memorable night...we had a wonderful evening!   

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Veronica said...

wow, looks delicious!!