September 18, 2006

September Long Weekend

September long-weekend at the Avramovich cabin near Caroline, AB is a tradition for us. Cory & I have been going there 8 years-in-a-row (with the exception of 2004 when Ace was born) and we look forward to it every year! We love catching up with Linda & Chuck (who own the property) and their son Mike & his fiancee Tobi. It's a time to kick back, do some camping and partying with new & old friends. The Avro family have been so hospitable to us over the years...Cheers to them!

As you can see, we're at the cabin folks!

I try something unique with this photo every year...just ask about the year we used bodies!!!

Ace & Cory...our little guy had a blast at the cabin, especially riding the Lil' Quad.

Starr & Scarlett watching a game of horseshoes.

Around the campfire: Dexter the dog, Tobi, Mike, Linda & Paul.

Tom & Kelly! Women were first allowed out to the Sept-long weekend 8 years ago...Kelly & I are the last remaining girls who were at that first weekend (with the exception of Linda).

Mike dancin' with his Momma in front of Chuck's Stagger Inn.
Snack boy 'Rob' coppin' a feel of Starr...where's Cory?

And last but not least, Chuck, Cory & Mike. Chuck's theme song for the weekend was from the tv commercial "hands in my pocket, hands in my pocket, hands in my pocket"...penalty shot Chuck ;)

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