September 06, 2008

Visit with the Chibrys

Next on our visiting list was to see the Chibrys.  We always feel like we're a part of their family when we stay with them.  We left our mattress in their basement when we moved from Calgary, so it's like we still have a little part of us there.  Dee put down carpet for us in their basement and we joked that next trip, we might even get a lamp!

Here's our favorite babystiter, Shelby, who volunteered to keep the kids so we could have an adult meal/night out
Dee mixing me her favorite drink...and amaretto & coke

The kids had a play in the old park we used to visit on a daily basis in our old neighbourhood of Calgary

Supper at the Keg, Scott & Cory
Starr & Dee-Ann
Scott & his rather-large steak!
After our meal, we met up with Amber & her man Christian

The next morning we headed to Ikea
And Dee was so nice to host a playdate with all our old Fun Monday friends
Here's Megan & Payton
Scarlett & the little girls
All the kiddies

It was so great to visit with everyone & catch up

Ace, Kaeden & Scarlett
They were so nice to have birthday cupcakes for Ace
Am & Christa stopped by

We can't wait to meet up with the Chibrys again...thank you so much for having us!

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