October 10, 2008

Yes, that is a SNAKE in our furnace!

In our few short weeks of being in our 'Little Winter Cottage', we have realized that it has it's problems.  Number one being an infestation of garder snakes!!!  Yes you read it right, we have found so many snakes on the property and in the dirt basement, that it brings us to the conclusion that there is probably a nest around here somewhere.  

And here's a little snake story for you...On a Wednesday night after supper, we all started to feel a bit light-headed and nauseated...it was because we were being carbon monoxided!  So we turned the furnace off for a few hours to let the gas dissipate and tried to turn it on again after few hours.  After about a half an hour of the furnace not firing, Cory headed down to the basement (which I will never go down into!) and came back up to say...'you won't believe what I found in the furnace...A SNAKE!'.  A big juicy one had climbed into the burner of the furnace, caught on fire and burned off the valve that controls the carbon monoxide.  We were able to get it fixed by the local plumber who said he can now retire, because he's now seen it all!  Pretty gross ehh!

Cory took photos, because we thought that you might not believe us.

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