December 01, 2008

Front Door

Our front door is finished, my Dad stained it to match the windows.
It's a fiberglass door which comes unstained so that you can choose the paint or stain color.
We were a bit worried how it would turn out since none of us had tried to stain a fiberglass door before, but a 4 coats of this (in 'special walnut' color) on each side and it looks magnificent!
Some doodling on our door jam before we put the door in...awwww.
This is how the door looks prior to painting or staining.  You can order it with hinges in and trim in custom colors.  But if you want one, order it as soon as you can, it took 4 months for this to make it to us.


D said...

LOVE the door...your house is looking awesome, can't wait to stay in "my" room :)

Starr Mercer said...

I obsessed for MONTHS over what would be the 'right' front door for our home, afterall it is the first thing people see when they arrive at our home...and I plan on having alot of people over...especially you Dee. I'm so proud of how it turned out.