January 13, 2009

Ace's First Piano Recital

Ace has been taking Music for Young Children in the Sunshine 1 level since September.  Tonight was his New Years recital (held in the basement of the United Church) & we were so proud of him when he got up in front of the audience to play a song he choose.  I attend lessons each week with Ace, as parental assistance is required in these pre-school level classes.  It is so great so see Ace progress from week to week and the program has a very well-created teaching process.  And Mrs. Mitchell is a wonderful teacher with alot of patience.
Then his class played 'The Farmer in the Dell' using other instruments.
It was an entertaining evening!  PS: We're looking to purchase a piano if anyone knows of one for sale.

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Anonymous said...

Ace,What a brave boy , to play the piano in front of everyone. I am so happy that, you and mommy had such a great time taking piano lessons together. I hope you find a piano for your new house and then you can play every day. Love gRAMMA rOSE