January 30, 2009

An Evening With Calgary Friends

Our friends, the Macdonalds, hosted a dinner party for a few of our Calgary friends.  It was a great evening, thanks so much guys!
Kelly & I...she was one of the first Calgary friends I made 12 years ago
Scott, Ross & Cory
Shelby & Dee-Ann
Shelby, Anderson, Dee-Ann & Jenny
Jackie, Scarlett & Ace
Auntie Kim & Ace
The best part of the evening was meeting these babies:
Cory & baby Anderson (Adam & Jenny's son)
Kim & baby Tianna (Ross & Kelly's daughter)
Don't you just love Tianna's hat

Jenny's lemon poppyseed cake
and Jenny's brownies...both a hit for dessert
Adam & Jackie
Jenny & I
Me & Kim...and her baby belly

It was so nice to see everyone, meet the babies and check out Ross & Kelly's newly renovated beautiful home!

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