January 29, 2009

Visit with the Allans

We stopped to stay overnight at the Allans on our first night of the trip.  Thanks so much for having us guys!
Check out the snowdrift in their backyard! 
There is a swingset under there!
It was our first time at their place since they did some house renos, it looks amazing.
Cory & Daisy
Making a chair-train
Scarlett was so pumped to sleep in the princess bed
Their beautiful chocolate labs, Duke (large one) & Prada (small one)
Played some Wii Fit, very fun...now we have to buy it
I love this picture....but....
...I love this one even more!  It's completely our style to laugh like this
Cory, Pieter & Dawn...if you see Pieter, you have to ask him about his video of the violin playing gas jockey in Medicine Hat - true story and very hilarious
Scarlett & Gavin...who isn't a baby anymore
Gavin & Mommy
A beautiful sunrise taken from the Allan's acerage, just East of Medicine Hat...beautiful country!

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