November 13, 2009

Project 365 11.13

My friend Missy made my day today when she brought by this Starbucks gift. She took a Starbucks cup an decorated it so adorably...I absolutely LOVED it!
Then inside...a surprise...two Starbucks ornaments {that she knows I collect}. I am so blessed to have such a great friend...thanks Missy!
I hosted a CUPCAKE & CRAFT night for a few crafty friends. We crafted the night away, working on which-ever project we brought and had Crave Cupcakes and spiked hot chocolate.
Kendra worked on Christmas cards....
I worked on my Starbucks Friends Album...
While Trina worked on a gingerbread house...
Here's Trina's finished project...if you'd like to order one, you can make a request here on my blog, just leave a comment.
She even put little mail in the mailbox...too cute!


Anonymous said...

So sad i missed out . Looks like you girls had a great time .

Anonymous said...

I made your BLOG!! Or my craft did. lol You will have to host another craft evening, so I can come. Thanks again for the cupcake, you are sweet:)