December 17, 2009

Project 365: 12.17

Tree Decorating...check!
Finally finished decorating our Christmas tree. Our theme this year is 'birchwood chalet'...inspired by Target. We used alot of red & brown colors and pinecones & cranberries, which went well with our handmade theme.
A few favorite all time favorite, daughter ornament from Hallmark (circa 1980's)
Little gingerbread ladies from when I was a kid, made by a family friend Shelley Baldwin.
A new addition, some houndstooth fabric ornaments.
And red glittery stars from Ikea, the kids picked them out and hung all the ornaments themselves this year!

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Jennifer said...

I have the same Hallmark ornament as fact, we still collect Hallmark ornaments. My dad started us on that tradition when you couldn't get Hallmark ornaments in Canada. He had a convention in Tulsa every November and always came home with a new ornament for us. Oh the memories...