December 05, 2009

Project 365: 12.5

First Hockey Tourney
Today this family spent the day at the Carnduff rink to watch Ace play in his very first hockey tournament. It was great to watch his whole age 5 & 6 team play two games (alot for those little guys), there were lots of laughs from the stands. During one intermission Cory told Ace to stand in front of the opposing team's net to wait for the puck. Ace sure did that, he stood there for the rest of the game even though the puck was at the other end...too cute! Way to go Ace, you skated your heart out today buddy!

Scarlett kept herself busy playing with the other hockey sisters in the stands and eating candy, she was really well behaved considering how bored she was. Luckily the other Mom's brought a hockey-sister-survival-kit and let Scarlett in on the fun...another thing for this rookie hockey Mom to take note of.

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