December 12, 2009

Wine Club - Holiday Party

Tonight my girlfriend Christy hosted a holiday party for our Wine Club. It was an amazing night! We each invited a guest and to switch it up a bit, we each brought a cocktail instead of wine and our favorite appetizer.

Check out the fully-stocked drink garnish containers...
I invited my sister Christa as my special guest, we both had a great time!
Starr's Cocktail
1 oz butter ripple schnapps
1 oz green sour puss
1 cup fresca
squeeze of lime
cranberries for garnish

Kendra's Chocolate Martini

We were all settling in nicely with the drinks...then it was time to dive into the appetizers! It was quite the spread...delish!

Christy anticipated a not-so-nice morning the next she took her hang-over meds.
Jocelyn's Cocktail...fruity martini

Christy & Trinette both served Mojitos...with fresh mint

The mint was beginning to look a bit seaweed (note-to-self: strain the mojitos next time).
Lian's Cocktail

Michelle's Jack Frost Martini

The look on Christy's face says it all...these martinis looked amazing but tasted awful, we could hardly drink them, probably because they were 100% alcohol.

We finished up the night with visiting and some fun photos!
Happy Holidays Wine Club!

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