January 15, 2010


So excited that the Project Life kits arrived! They are waiting at my front door for friends to pick them up, there were 11 of us who shared in the shipping costs. I can't wait to dive into this kit...I have a very similar version from last year which worked great for my Project 365 photos.
Had our very first visit from this little one today. My friend Lachalle brought over baby Isabelle who is just over one week old. Some snuggles were in order, what a cutie.
Lachalle was looking great!

While us Mom's had a visit, Scarlett and Addison had a visit of their own.
They played, snacked and read cookbooks.
Some friends that picked up their kits!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like that they read cook books. Addyson always tries sneaking books home from our house!!
What a little book-worm she is.