January 22, 2010


Hope for Haiti
The devastation in Haiti has really hit home for each of us in our family (the first earthquake happened on Scarlett's 4th birthday). We have done our best to explain to Ace & Scarlett what is going on in there. Tonight we felt so proud of our kids who went to their chore jars and each decided to donate $20 during the Hope for Haiti program (www.canadaforhaiti.com). They challenged all their little friends to match their donation. Ace even made this sign to urge those of you who haven't given, to give. I wish we could be there in Haiti to help, but unfortunately with our kids being small right now it wouldn't be possible. I hope disaster relief is something Cory & I can go to other countries for and help with someday.
This was my photo of the day before we got so involved with Hope for Haiti...homemade pizza for supper tonight, and almost forgot to get a photo till there was only 1 piece left.

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