January 09, 2010


As per request from a friend, I thought I'd share this week's successful meal plan. I usually set up a meal plan for the week on Sundays, then get groceries first thing on Mondays, then we're usually set for the week. I didn't always plan the three meals-a-day, but started it a few months ago when I was wanting a little more variety for our breakfasts. I found if I made a plan to prepare these meals, we'd follow them. Once we got into the habit of following the schedule, it made our lives run so much smoother in the meal department. One other helpful thing I do on the plan is list every one's away-from-home activities for the day so I know if the meal has to be a quick one or if I have a little more time to make it more elaborate.

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Lori said...

I try to plan the week's suppers too Starr. One other really big advantage to it is it helps cut down your grocery costs. Everytime I hit Safeway for "just a few things" it always costs at least $50 usually $100!