March 06, 2010


Day two of the scrapbook retreat, feeling really good about my productivity of projects so far. And who wouldn't feel refreshed and ready to work waking up to this out your window! I sure took these beautiful mountain views for granted when I lived here.
Linda & Dee teaming up to sew.
The cutest little purple sewing machine.
All six of us headed into Canmore for a break. We stopped at Antique Junction. I found an old suitcase for a price I couldn't refuse.
The girls catching some sunrays outside of Starbucks.
A group shot while waiting for coffee: me, Linda, Dee, Casi & Tara
Our view as we sat and enjoyed a coffee!
What a great coffee break!
Kim & I in Canmore.
Back at the retreat, here's Christy for Monday Night Class.
And Deb & Diana who put on this awesome weekend!

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