September 11, 2010


LEGO PARTY for Ace's 6th Birthday

Today we had our first 'kids-only' party...just Cory & I with 10 of Ace's little friends. We were so impressed by how smooth the party went and Ace had a BLAST!

Playing with Lego was popular with the boys AND girls at the party
Lots of fun playing in the back yard
Note to self: Icing a Lego cake is way more difficult than it looks
Kept it simple for lunch...veggies & fruits on a stick and pizza

Make a wish buddy...
Goodie bags for his guests
Ace had an awesome time at his Lego party. He put together Lego for the rest of the day.

Happy Birthday from Mommy & Daddy!

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Jenny Hill said...

The Cake looks great - but I think it would have been easier if you iced the rectangle first, then the cupcakes individually and then placed them on top of the cake and jsut filled in the gaps with a bit more icing.

Happy birthday Ace!