September 27, 2010

Baby Coco's Birth Story

Monday, August 30th marked week 41 in my pregnancy with baby #3. For those of you who aren't familiar, that's ONE week very long week! I had an appointment with my obgyn doctor that afternoon at 3:30pm and was ready & prepared to ask to be induced.

Now looking back as I write this, I'm thinking the reflexology Cory tried in my feet Sunday night might have done the trick because I woke up that morning at 4am with contractions. These contractions were noticeably painful, unlike the tightening contractions I experienced a few weeks prior which had us at the hospital twice for false alarms. We had decided after those two false alarms we weren't going into the hospital again unless I was sure it was time.

Our household woke up according to our usual morning routine. I continued to have contractions, they didn't slow me down at this point. Fed the kids breakfast and took Ace to school...I remember giving him an extra-tight hug as he headed off to his classroom. Scarlett & I came home and I cleaned & organized like a mad-woman (must have know subconsciously today was the day). Scarlett & I hung out in my office most of the morning, I would ask her to hold my hand each time I had a contraction, she was great at helping me thru them.

At 11am I decided these contractions were real, as they were getting stronger and closer together. I called my Mom and made arrangements for her to look after Ace & Scarlett for the rest of the day. I dropped off Scarlett at my parents house and told her she might meet her baby sister soon, she was very excited!

Meanwhile Cory was in the town of Carnduff taking our dog Piper to the vet. I called him and said I thought we should head to the hospital. I followed this up with a frantic text message for him to HURRY! By this time I had to stop and breathe thru each contraction. He finished up at the vet and rushed back to oxbow. I was waiting in the garage with the van packed, ready to go.

The drive into Estevan to the hospital was very quick. Cory asked me how fast he needed to drive...I said VERY FAST! It's normally a 45 minute drive but we made it in 20. Each contraction in the van was intense and about 2-3 minutes apart, I had to really focus on my breathing.

Arriving at the hospital was a relief, we got there at was my worst fear during the whole pregnancy that I wasn't going to make it to the hospital to deliver. We headed to the maternity ward and I remember asking if I could 'check-in please?' We were shown to a labor & delivery room and I was hooked up to the monitor. It was so uncomfortable having to sit there thru contractions. It was a relief after 20 minutes on the monitor was over and the nurse checked me...I was 3 cm.

They decided to let us stay since we came in from out of town. They checked us into a room. While Cory was gone to the room putting my bags away, the contractions were almost unbearable. When he came back I remember being doubled-over in pain for 4 hard contractions (this was transition). At this point I was almost crying, I told Cory I couldn't do this without pain meds. I asked the nurse to give me something for the pain...feeling guilty and not proud of myself. This is when the nurse decided she should track down my doctor to administer pain meds.

When the nurse was just getting ready to prep me for an intravenous, she noticed I was really having a hard time with the contractions. She checked me again and I was 8 cm dilated...I went from 3 - 8cm in 10 minutes!!! After that, things really sped up in the room...the nurses were putting on gloves, turning on the baby bed, getting out receiving blankets...I thought to myself, oh my, this is really happening NOW.

The nurse called frantically for the doctor again. Dr. Naidu peeked her head around the corner of the door and I have never been so relieved to see someone in my entire life. I announced to everyone in the room I had the urge to push...but where were those pain meds??? They didn't really tell me I was past the point of no return and there was no time for pain meds. I knew from experiencing my last childbirth med free, it was too late. I thought to myself, I can't believe this is happening again WITHOUT drugs!

Cory was by my side for all of this...he's was a great partner again. Just having him rub my back, help me sit up and squeeze my hand thru it all was comforting. His most important job was reminding me to breathe thru each's so strange that I need to be reminded of that for EACH contraction. The doctor broke my water and it was time to push!

I have to say, this childbirth experience with Dr. Naidu was amazing! She is an expert at delivering babies and is an amazing coach! She assured me that I was in control and they were all there to help ME make this happen. During each push, she focused me and talked me thru it. For the rest periods in-between she reminded me to relax, focus, close my eyes to block everyone out & re-energize for the next push. Her telling me I would meet this baby soon kept me going.

No one told me at the time the baby was coming out face-up, making her more difficult to deliver (typically babies are born face-down). After 5 series of pushes, at 2:38pm our baby girl was born and we experienced another MIRACLE of life! Dr. Naidu placed the baby on my chest, little Coco cried and Cory cut the umbilical cord. The baby nursed within minutes of being born.

I was thrilled to be able to deliver another baby med free...even though I was whining about it only minutes earlier. The doctor even stitched me up med free...OUCH! They gave me two Tylenol to help with the after pains, which also hurt like heck. I was up and out of bed to get cleaned up 15 minutes after baby was born...felt great! The whole experience went well and it was especially nice to know my doctor instead of having a doctor I've never met deliver our baby.

Having a baby in the afternoon is wonderful! Ace & Scarlett were able to meet their baby sister just hours after she was born thanks to Nana & Papa who brought them in for a visit. Both of my sisters and their families and our close friend Trina were able to visit that evening as well. Cory went home for the night and came back in the morning to pick Coco & I up to go home in the early afternoon.

Guess I didn't need that doctors appointment afterall!


Jenny Hill said...

Thanks Starr! I love a birth story - I find them all so fascinating - each one so different from the next.

Anonymous said...

Wow Star, your story brought tears to my eyes and reminder pains - well you know where! Amazing you did it again with no drugs - kudos to you!
She is beautiful.