September 30, 2010

Wine Club - Savignon Blanc

It was a very special wine club a few weeks ago, as we were saying farewell to one of our members, Jocelyn, as she moves to BC. She will be missed at all our gatherings, especially since she is the one who was most knowledeable about wine and fine dining. We will always make room for her at our wine tastings if she is ever back for a visit. We sent her with a few goodies as she leaves us. Miss you friend and wish you all the best on your BC journey and new adventure!
Michelle did an amazing job of hosting and the meal was's so nice to be treated by friends who enjoy cooking for one another.
We dined at Michelle's new table and listened to David Gray music...a memorable night.
Delicious cheese tray
Garden tomatoes with cheese smothered in olive oil, garlic & herbs.
Main dish was baked crepes filled with a mixture of spinach, tomatoes, onions, bacon...mine was gone before I had a chance to take a photo.
Chocolate souffle and mint-chip ice cream for dessert!!!
Coco joined us at wine club this evening, only 6 days old.

Notes from the tasting...Savignon Blanc wine is known for it's crisp, elegant & fresh taste. Often drank chilled and pairs nicely with fish, cheese & sushi.
Sumac Ridge - 2006 - $14 - very smooth, would like to try with halibut as it boasts on the lable
Woodbridge - 2008 - $12 - crisp sweet apple favor *my favorite of the night*
Antares - 2009 - $10 - dry
Cat Pee On A Gooseberry Bush - $10-$15 - apple flavor
Two Oceans - 2009 - $12 - dry
Oyster Bay - 2009 - $12
Naked Grape - 2009 - $11

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