January 12, 2011


Our sweet Scarlett turned 5 today!
We celebrated this occasion with family tonight.
Served her favorite meal: ribs, rice and SALAD (she loves salad)
I loved to see her so happy...a party especially for her, for the spotlight is often taken by her crazy big brother and little baby sister. A day JUST for Scarlett!
She was so excited when I showed her all the different ice cream flavors I picked up at the store: bubble gum, tiger, cotton candy & mint chocolate chip.
Chatting on the phone with Grandparents wishing her a Happy Birthday!
Birthstone earrings from Grandma Rose & Grandpa Phil.
Opening presents...
We ended the night with a dance party since he loves music and she got a chance to use her new Ipod dock for her room.
Making the Rainbow cake...I have always wanted to try to make this cake and thought it was perfect for our Colorful Girl on her birthday.
It is simply two white cake mixes, split and separately colored.
I baked them all in round cake pans.
Made a triple batch of icing...oops, icing sugar everywhere.
But that's OK, our dog helped us clean it up.
After slicing off the tops of each layer, stack them up and ice in between.
Put on a thin layer first and placed in the freezer to help with the little bits of cake coming off in the icing.
The final coat of icing is on and purple sparkles on the top.
Mmmm...tastes as good as it looks!


Cinthia H said...

The rainbow cake is such a neat idea! I might have to try that sometime. Om Monday it's my youngest's birthday, but she wants a Hello Kitty cake. Maybe next year...

Sarah Ingram said...

Starr, that cake is just fabulous! You are so great at making your children feel really special. Scarlett must have loved all of the special touches for her special day.

Lachalle Jones said...

This looks very similiar to the cake Missy had done for her St . Pattys party last year . I like doing cupcakes with the kids this way . Looks like a fun birthday !Happy 5th Birthday Scarlett from the Jones girls!!

Jenny Hill said...

I love that cake too. I have been thinking about making it for a while now.

jen engelhardt said...

beautiful cake...looks like a fun celebration!

Veronica said...

I love the rainbow cake, that's awesome, I might have to try that one day. I also LOVE her shirt that she got, prettiest dog walker. I almost want one for myself!