January 15, 2011


Scarlett's Princess Birthday Party
Mercedes, Sadie, Scarlett & Sammy
Today Scarlett & her friends went to Salon Diosa to have their hair, makeup and nails done...like princesses. After we came home and did a mini photo session with the girls. The whole party was alot of FUN!
Big THANKS to my niece Kyra for helping out with the party.
At the salon...
Scarlett & Sammy show off their painted nails.
Channy doing Sadie's nails.
Kyra, the makup artist.
Auntie Amber doing Scarlett's hair.
The girls were so well behaved...what do you expect, they were princesses!
Lunch & ice cream cone cupcakes back at the house.
Followed by some playtime with the girls!
What a great party!
Happy 5th Birthday Scarlett!

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