March 07, 2011


Fresh cinnamon buns...Mmmm!
I picked these up from a nearby bakery this morning and am having one for a little treat this afternoon.
What is something you treated yourself to today (leave a comment below)?


Jennifer said...

Our family was treated to ice cream tonight for dessert...we haven't had ice cream forever! I don't buy it that often because we have to have Chapman's because of Samantha's allergies and it's quite expensive. It was delicious and everyone was excited for the treat!

Jenny Hill said...

This morning I picked up a Starbucks on my way to work - I try and limit myself to one or less a week.
New cups are out!!

Veronica said...

My treat is usually a vitamuffin at the end of the day. I really enjoy them! But I agree that Starbucks is a real treat!

jen e. said...

chai tea latte....yum!