March 10, 2011

Last Day at OPHS

I took the opportunity to visit the Oxbow Prairie Heights School facility during the final moments in the old building before it's moved over to the New School on the weekend.  It was a bit sentimental walking thru the old hallways where I spent my highschool career.  Here's a look at the last day of classes...
So long old building, there's many memories we'll hold dear from this great place!  If you have a memory from this old school, please share by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

lots of good memories in that school from doing our hair in the bathroom to hanging out in the library !!

Jennifer said...

What will the building be used for now, Starr?

Anonymous said...

Hi Starr,

I found your blog through Becky Higgins blog and it was a surreal experience for me. I never lived in Oxbow and didn't know you but I knew many of the people in the photos on your blog. I felt the need to comment today and thank you for sharing these photos. I was from Alida and actually graduated with your sister Christa. I went to OPHS for 3 years and was really surprised by the emotions & nostalgia that I felt looking at your photos. I have lots of memories, most of them embarassing now that I look back on them. I believe our graduating class (1996) was the last to hold the ceremony in the gym. Thank you for sharing your photos, I downloaded a couple and am definitely using one as my potd for Project Life.


Starr Mercer said...

Jennifer, the old building will be put up for tender by the school division. I will post an update if I hear of it being sold. Thanks for your comment!!!

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