April 01, 2011

Canvas for Dee-Ann

Just last week, I created this mixed-media canvas piece for my close friend Dee-Ann.  She recently took the big step of leaving her job of several years to go out and explore her dreams.  {It's my way of expressing how proud I am of her...not just for this change, but for who she is!}  I struggle with her quest to be authentic, because I feel she is one of the most authentic people I know, I struggle when she wonders if she is 'enough', because I know she is.  With saying that I know this is who she is and I respect her and everything she is doing.  Creating this brought back many great memories we have shared as friends & neighbors and made me think of all her amazing-ness. Congrats on your new journey Dee & thank you for being you!

I loved every bit of creating this custom piece of artwork especially for her.  This turned out not only to be a tribute to my friend, but a re-discovery of a talent I had put away for a while...I'm so stoked, it feels wonderful to be BACK!
I hadn't put a brush to canvas in a long time...it felt so natural to be doing this again!
I am blessed to have *sparked* this creativity again.
I am thrilled by how it turned out and that my friend was touched by it.
Here's a look at how it all came together...
 the background...
 It felt so great to create into the wee hours of the night in my studio.
 Building the background.
 Almost done, I didn't quit till it was finished!


Michelle said...

Starr, this canvas is absolutely beautiful...continue to make more!!!

So talented!

Lachalle Jones said...

I really like this art piece .Good job !!! Looks like you had a fun evening too !!!

alicia king said...

awesome! your friend will love it!

Kristin said...

What a lucky friend you have!

Kelly said...

This is awesome Starr. You're such an amazingly taleted women and such a great friend. What an awesome thing for Dee! Again it amazes me that you have the time to do stuff like this in addtion to taking care of your sweet family, georgous home and doing all of your "jobs" ..... you are for sure the def of a "supermum"! Can't wait for your to come to YYC we MISS you .... Love ya gal! Kel :)