May 21, 2011


The U2 Concert in Denver tonight was EPIC for me!
I remember standing there memorizing the moment...just something I will never forget, aweinspiring.  Being able to share this with two great friends & Cory was so special.  U2 is my favorite band and this concert just went to #1 in my list of top concerts I've been to (U2 Popmart just got bumped to the #2 spot).

Before the concert, our friends Scott & Rachelle arranged for a limo to take us downtown to The Capital Grille restaurant where we celebrated Rachelle's birthday.  
 Every song was favorite of the night was 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own'.
A quick photo of my hot pink kitten heels from Obviously Chic at the concert.
 After the concert we headed to a pub to finish off this amazing evening...during our walk we came across this yarn bombing art, I had to snap a photo for my friend Dee-Ann!

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