June 12, 2011

Lighting Workshop in Saskatoon with Nate

I ventured off to Saskatoon for the day to attend Nate's Lighting Workshop.  I signed up for this class because just recently I have been intrigued by photography using off camera lighting.  I invested in a three-light set up a few months ago and wanted to learn from Nate's expertise.
The morning was spent in the classroom...who knew photography would have so much math!!  After lunch we hit the streets and dove straight into some photos with models and all of Nate's light gear.
 At the end of the session we had a photo assignment...10 minutes to create our own shots with one light, a light box and a model.  Having Nate school us and meeting other photogs was a blast.  I learned alot, it was great to see Nate, he did an amazing job of this workshop!!

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