August 31, 2011

What a month...August 2011

Wow...August was a blur!
Some major changes in our family's lives this month.  With the amalgamating of the two lumberyards, Cory working full time at the lumberyard, I working full time at the liquor store AND us both carrying on our other careers in the meantime, not to mention family life...there was alot of adjusting for the 5 of us in August.  Thank goodness for our nanny Kelsey who kept things going on the homefront as we sorted things out at work.  We went from a staff of 6 to a staff of 16 and had 5 people down in one week (3 quit and 2 sick/injured).  I definitely asked myself 'why are we doing this' several times and just kept's going to get better.
I'm glad it's over, I'm glad we survived...we're so lucky to have each other and hopefully we'll look back one day and think fondly about our accomplishments.


CrYsTaL said...

what a great family photo!!!

Lachalle Jones said...

Very nice family photo !