July 12, 2008

The Chibrys Visit Oxbow

We celebrated the Chibry Family's arrival with a big welcome dinner...three picnic tables is alot of people. Thanks to my family for doing the majority of the cooking as we were in Minot that day until 2pm and came home to this wonderful feast.
Complete with birthday cake for this very sweet 16 year-old Shelby!
Papa & Nana Snider with all the Grandkids, adopted ones as well.
The Chibrys camped beside us in our other camper. It was great so the kids could play together till it was time for bed.
We took them for a visit of the family oil wells. I think I might frame this photo for my parents.
Dad explaining how things work.
I made Dee-Ann my version of an Earl Grey Tea Misto...
...I think she approved!
Scott made us his famous french toast, after a trip for fresh bread to the Carlyle Bakery.
The kiddos having a sleepover (Kyra too) and watching a movie.
Awww, great buddies.
D & I
The Chibrys...
...gosh we miss this family. Can't wait for your next visit to Oxbow!

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