July 13, 2008

Lightening Storm

From where we camp, we have a great spot to watch storms. On this particular night (the Chibrys were visiting us at this time) we watched one of the most spectacular lightening shows I have ever seen. We found out the next morning that North of Oxbow the storm was really bad resulting in a tornado in the town of Carlyle...yikes!

The storm begins...
The black cloud is what brought the bad weather...looked like the Starship Enterprise going across the sky, not that I'm a 'Trekie' It just kept getting darker & darker Crazy weather ehh!


LiaL said...

Awesome lightning photos, Starr! I also took some that evening - we love storms.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Starr these pics are fabulous, couldn't believe how much of the lightening you were able to capture.

What kind of lenses do you own & what did you use for these pics - what settings, etc?

Laura Jamieson said...

OMG!!!! These are the most amazing photos! I'm glad you weren't closer to the tornado - I'm sure i would have been frightened!

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