January 12, 2010


Happy Birthday Scarlett!
4 years ago today, you brightened our life! You've reminded us to giggle more, to have tea parties and invite all the dollies, to eat snow, to listen to music and that a smile can make someone feel better...you've done all this with your warm heart! She has been patiently waiting for this birthday to come, it's been so fun to share in her anticipation. It felt wonderful to make this week so special for her, our special little sweetheart!
Cupcakes & sparklers for Scarlett.
A few family pics for the memory books.

And another special birthday wish to our neighbor Arlie who shares this day with Scarlett...Happy Birthday Arlie!

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Gramma Rose said...

Happy 4th Birthday Scarlett, your smiles makes my heart sing. We love your pictures. We hope you had a fun birthday.Love Gramma Rose, Grampa Phil,Uncle Mark, Angel, Jade, Brutes, Thumbs and Heathen Kitty