January 13, 2010

Scarlett's Room

Scarlett's room is finally coming together, nothing a little time couldn't fix. We were able to hang a few things on her walls & put up curtains this weekend..it's looking amazing! Here's a little peek...

Letters I designed for her, love how they turned out. Waiting till our next Ikea trip to add 3 more white frames below these ones...I'll put some fave B&W photos of her in them.
House of 3 wall decor...I've had these for over a year, just waiting to be put up. They have real rhinestones & jewels on them...just gorgeous.
More of the Ho3...they really suit the black, white & pink theme.
Little book shelf for Scarlett's goodies.
Scarlett's Treasure Box painted by our friend Linda and given to her when she was a newborn.
Above her dresser, have to get some photos printed!
And her cozy bed. We are on the hunt for new bedding as she's outgrown the Hello Kitty phase.
Hope she will like pink for a while, as I love how her room turned out!


Anonymous said...

what a lucky little girl!...now, i cannot wait to see what you come up with your newest little bundle!!
jen e.

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!!
You should check out Serena and Lily for bedding. That's were I got the boys bedding. And then I bought eco-friend duvet inserts from Teen PB. MH