January 18, 2010


We're thrilled that Cory's office is in our home. He often sits at his desk reviewing prints & doing work. He is amazing at what he does in construction, helping others build their dreams! I'm thrilled to be a part of our family business and to contribute & support something that means so much to him.

Our neighbors have a new addition to their family. They named her Angel and she is just adorable and so cuddly...the kids love her.
This morning the frost was glimmering on the trees. It was beautiful!
The East side of town was especially sparkly, with the sun shining brightly on the frosty trees.


D said...

Great Picture of Cory! He looks so smart, who knew:) (tee hee, bet he has missed my teasing, not!)

Hey Cory, I hope you missed the Flames/Sharks game last night - it was horrendous! I am not sure what our issue is but we are falling apart! I am hoping to get out there before hockey season is over (doesn't look like I will have much time into the playoffs) so we can watch a game like old times.

Jenny Hill said...

Super cute puppy - looks like a cousin of Brutis.

Starr Mercer said...

It's a miniature dachshund Jenny.