January 19, 2010


These two...I had to laugh when I found them dipping into the peanut butter today. They were playing quietly in the mudroom & pantry. They were pretending the pantry was a grocery store, even had re-useable shopping bags. They'd pack up their bags, pay & unpack the groceries in our boot rack, too funny. I suspected something when I didn't hear any noise for a while and sure enough, they were up to some mischief. I warned them that just because Mommy was taking a photo of them, that didn't mean it was OK to stick their fingers in the peanut butter!!!


D said...

oh oh...those sneaky little kidlets! so bad but so cute at the same time! I bet Kaeden would have been in there with them as well!

Lori said...

it's never a good thing when they are too quiet!!

Anonymous said...

gotta love when the kids are "too" quiet...it is usually too good to be true!...i like that you provided them with the disclaimer that just because you were photographing them, doesn't mean that it was ok!